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Cleveland 2009: The Rest of It

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

The rest of my Cleveland trip was just as fun as the first afternoon. Lets call cover it in parts:

We're team 677. In the Center.
There is a lot to be said for being a spectator and not actually a member of the team. Although, most of it involves being able to skip out on most of the opening and awards ceremonies without setting a bad example. Although I later felt a little bad blogging through one I did go to, although; I did finish before Mr. King, Dublin FIRST teacher and mentor extraordinaire won the Woody Flowers award. As far as the rest of the competition results are concerned Dublin and Homeschool both lost in the semifinal round. That is, there was a 75% chance (ignoring skill) that one of OSU FIRST’s three teams would be in the finals and the other 25% happened. CSG came in 48th of 59 teams, but I have confidence they will do better in Torronto. I’ve told EC I’ll go to Atlanta for nationals if they team wins the chance. By told, I mean I said yes when she asked if I would.

Binary Note
Thursday before lunch one of the girls, Lauren, received a note in binary encoded ASCII from a boy on another team. The boy, had overheard how much she liked his teams button, which included something in binary on it; although, I never got a good enough look to figure out what it was beyond what appeared to be a 24 bit number with at least bits 0 and 23 set (meaning its not a team number). This reminded EC of the troubles we had a few years back with some girls who were at the competition primarily to flirt, but that was clearly not the motive here so we helped Lauren decode the message. Unfortunately we did have to call someone to look up what the values for ‘A’ and ‘a’ were. I remembered 65, but I forgot what base that was in, and well as if it was for ‘a’ or ‘A’. It said “Hey What’s up? I’m from team ” which was significantly more benign that we were expecting. Some girls from the boy’s team came and explained/apologized to our team, and Lauren, as far as I can tell refrained from humiliating the poor guy. Hey, at least his note got read; cause, yeah, that’s unlikely to happen even at the segway/geekfest that FIRST competitions are.

Good Answers
The Robot in the Pit
Josh and I visited the pit once on Friday afternoon. This is in stark contrast to our years on the team, when I lived in the pit, and even last year when we helped the girls do some real time debugging. We went down and found about 5 girls preparing to work on the robot, which had just finished it’s last match of the day, if I recall correctly. Josh and I corned a freshman, Ann, and started asking questions. The following is like how the conversation went:

Me: What’d you do on the robot?
Ann: Software, but for the JV robot
Me: Oh, how is the software for that robot different from this one?
Ann: They are the same
Me: How does that work?
Ann: They use the same mechanism and controls. We designed it that way.
Me: How do you deal with constants related to the motors themsevles or other bits that do vary from robot to robot?
Ann Well, we’ve actually got two copies of the software each with the different tweaks, but otherwise they’re the same.

I was impressed. I’m pretty sure that the robot controller doesn’t have a use accessible file system, so the only next best idea I could think of is impractical. So, not only is it a good design for something that is not actually a robot problem, but a meta problem caused by having two robots, but one of the freshmen was able to speak intelligently to the design and implementation.

Team Dinner and Nightlife
At the team dinner I sat near EC and three other freshmen girls from the team. These girls were huge Gilmore Girls fans; much larger than me. This served a good conversation starter, although; they did not like my answers to the standard questions. I think they are pretty good answers, I didn’t like theirs either. I guess its somewhat comforting that I’ve got a different outlook on it than they do. Moving on from that topic, it was a really fun dinner, and talking to the girls all night brought back at lot of the vibe I remember from being on the team. After dinner the mentors went out to a posh bowling ally/ bar on the same block. The previous night we’d bowled a few games there. I came in second until we had to finish the third game before they closed the lanes down in five minutes and things got sloppy. These reminded me of the great team parties we used to have, and complimented the vibe I had from dinner.

The Only Nice Block in Cleveland
My college room mate George, who loathes living in Toledo every day, came to see Josh and I in Cleveland for a three hour reprieve from looking outside and seeing Toledo. He made it just in time for the final match of the competition, which I’m sure made the trip more exciting. Afterwards we skipped out on the awards to grab a bite to eat before heading back to Jersey. We again went back to the one nice block of restaurants on 4th street for dinner. Before we left, I forgot to give EC back her phone charger, which had been left in our hotel room along with her chap stick, which was returned successfully. Over a text conversation during dinner we decided she’d simply have to come to Boston to get it back…

Election Something on the Way

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

I’ll have something to say on the election, I just don’t know quite what it is yet, something along the lines of On Being a Millennial. Also, It seems that my North Carolina prediction is on the cusp of coming true, if they ever call that darn state. But really, my prediction was that Ohio would continue to fail and that North Carolina was way around that problem. Which, is not what happened, and for that I offer big Thank You to Ohio and to all my friends and family there. Also, Indiana, I really, I just didn’t know you had it in you, you’ve blown my mind (and it was good). While I write an actual response to the election I ofter you this image, from digg, described as the “Saddest Picture You’ll See All Day:”


North Carolina has finally been called, for Obama, as predicted! Also, I was thinking, whichever Gilmore Girls writer decided to have Rory follow Obama on the campaign trail as her fictional post college job, good show.

Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Not that there was any fighting on my Friday night, but there was a party. It was on a roof of the Harvard Science Center with a telescope. It was *Shambles: The Party* a manifestation the ROFLCon staff’s “abundant but abstract gratefulness [to the volunteers] into physical form,” and general Team Fatty event. There was Blue Ribbon BBQ, which I came to learn was integral in the genesis of Team Fatty. TF is a loosely formed group that made the mistake of incentivizing overeating; blatantly disregarding the results of a study which indicated that obesity is a social phenomenon. Blue Ribbon and Redbones vie for the title of best BBQ in Boston. I am undecided between the two, I only know that my summer in Texas eating at Rudys has spoiled me. If this is really the best BBQ new england has to offer then this is a sad, sad, state of affairs. That said, it was enjoyable food wise.

Harvard Yard Harvard Observatory Telescope The Moon Over Downtown

Aside from the great views and the food, it was fun to get a chance to see everyone again a month after the conference. I did actually pass one of them around town in the mean time, a sure sign that my plans to meet new people are not completely failing. I also met a girl named Lorelai at the party. She does not look and is not particularly similar to the Gilmore Girls character, but I have actually never met anyone with that name before. It isn’t particularly significant, but I was surprised and interested when she told me her name, and it showed. We had a above average chat until her boyfriend arrived. I later learned she was a vegetarian, so it doesn’t matter anyways in that regard.

As far as discussion topics go there was a great debate over whether it was a conference, where academics meet to discuss issues, or a convention, where fans go to meet celebrities in a given genre. I wasn’t really aware of the consciousness of this choice before; by the time I found out about ROFLCon the format was already well formed, and it sort of was what it was. It was both, a hybrid, with a lean towards conference, at least in my mind. The staff believes that this was instrumental in the success of both convincing internet celebrities to come as well as the success of the overall event. The open question remains how to tweak this delicate balance for the future.

It’s Kirk!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

No, not that Kirk, this one:
That is Sean Gunn, aka Kirk Gleason of Gilmore Girls. He is one of the many reason’s Gilmore Girls was so good, and now hes on October Road in much the same roll of providing great local color to a small town in New England. Although, this small town is not nearly as charming as Star’s Hollow. I can only hope this is a recurring role.

So October Road, is pretty much trash, you can see right through it, but it is interesting enough; it’s by no means a Gilmore Girls replacement. It had a six episode first season run last spring, that should tell you the network thought it was trash as well. Anyways, I haven’t read if its because of the writer’s strike or why on earth this for sure canceled show is back on the air, but they gave it a Thanksgiving night time slot and now its on Mondays. Anyways, if it gives Kirk a job, I’m glad its back on the air. Oh the show also gives jobs to Laura Prepon of that 70’s show fame, and Penny Johnson of Captain Skio’s wife on ST:DS9 fame, if you count that fame; I really don’t like her very much, so pretty much all riding on Kirk here.

Gilmore Girls Movie

Friday, May 25th, 2007

And here I thought I’d never move beyond 5 enteries in the Gilmore Girls category. According to this, the show’s original creator wants to make a made for tv Gilmore movie. I am a skeptic, but aparently she had a great ending all planned out with four magical words which she has told no one. Maybe she could just remake the 7th season? maybe she should make a web comic if she can’t get the actors; similar to what Firefly did to bridge the gap between the show and Serenity (but with the web not a book). Or, or, she could anonymously submit the script to a fan fiction site. All of these things seem equally far fetched to me; at this point it might be better to let dead dogs lie. I do want to know what those four words are and what they mean.


Thursday, May 17th, 2007

For the uninitiated Slashback is a /. feature that periodically redresses previous stories with clarifications, more information, or new developments.

  • Some more on the xkcd talk: at one point someone asked Randell “Where are you from on the Internet?” (see the hover text). He talked a bit about a chat room of yore (no reminiscent of the dustbowl) where he hung out, but then he let everyone know that he spent a lot of time at live journal during high school (apparently thats a frowned upon place to be from). So I got to thinking where do I come from. In 8th grade (my family didn’t get the internet until part way 7th grade (1997)) I spent a lot of my time in the wy2 (thats wonder years 2) chat room, on some IRC server I don’t recall. That seems like a good place to be from, at least its on IRC. But really before that I was from geocities., that link, of course, is long broken. I’m proud of that though, I had a website about, um, Star Trek/Sci-Fi , The Site, and later Wonder Years complete with easy to send of a 14.4 modem Real Audio clips. Where are you from?
  • For anyone missing Gilmore Girls a little bit: Kirk’s top 10 moments. Ok so I don’t really miss it like I miss a person so much as I feel the need to seek out these kinds of stories which you can only find shortly after the end of the show. I don’t remember even half of the episodes kirk lists so I will have to go back and watch each one. Feel free to drop any similar links on the comments.
  • I have been super busy this week (at home — work is normal). I don’t even know why but it feels like I’ve got no time. Its not like I’m doing lots of things. I guess I should be going ;-)

Bon Voyage

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Gilmore Girls in HD I got HDTV over the air (yes that works) working about 20 mins before the series finale of Gilmore Girls. This is the first actual HD program I’ve watched on the TV and I was very impressed. First, I couldn’t find the adapter which turns my old rabbit ear’s screw terminal wires into a normal coax wire. I did find, in my search, the little FM radio antennas that came with my TV tuner cards. It had a coax output on it so I plugged it in. The reception on the analog stations was awful. But the HD stations came in crystal clear! That really surprised me, but I took it because I didn’t have much time. I’m very much happy with how they ended the series, these last 2 episodes have really shined, well beyond the rest of the last season.
Part of me finds it hard to believe that the show is over. I really got into it in 2003-2004 when there was a lot of drama going on in my real life and I used the show as an escape/comfort (cause what else is tv really good for?). It is also an icon in my move to not be ashamed of the kinds of entertainment I enjoy most (coming of age dramas and comedies). I’ve found that to be a stength, at time, but none more so than during the season 4 finale:

liryon: ooohh luke and lorali finally :-)
girl: …?
liryon: they kissed
girl: awww
liryon: yup
girl: :)
girl: you’re such a girl
liryon: thx
girl: :) I love you

After season 4 the show, and well the girl too, went down hill. Looks like I have to be over both now, and the tv show is the harder part, 2004 me would not have guessed that.

Unto the Breach

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

I was told by two people today that Bill Clinton will be devlivering OSU’s 2007 Spring Commencement Address. How funny then that Richard Gilmore would remark in tonight’s episode:

Bill Clinton, thats a speaker I would have enjoyed. Can’t stand his politics, but he has a commanding presence and a nice voice. I wonder if he records books on tape.

Oh man, such a good episode of GG. It really may be the best episode in the 7th season so far, and 1 more to go!

Gilmore Girls Canceled

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Its Official. Chris was kind enough to IM me the link so I’d know asap. Of course with <SPOILER> Logan asking for permission to marry Rory </SPOILER> the show couldn’t end soon enough. This was echoed by Lauhren Grahmn:

“I care very much how the story ends,” Graham said told the AP. “… It would be my worst nightmare if we end the show with a wedding. To me, the premise of the show was, ‘What if your parent was your best friend?”

The bright spots of season 7: Marty’s return, and his art girl girlfriend were few and far between. The Lane and Lorelai story lines, oh so awful. It was time to end it. But this is a big win for NBC, once Gilmore Girls is gone, Lost will be the only normal fall-winter-spring show I care about which does not air on NBC (or cable).

Gilmore Girls Poster

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

So this actually came yesterday, but as Tuesdays are Gilmore Girls night, I saved it. I’ve been scouring ebay on occasion for the last year or more for some good deals on posters from the TV shows that I’ve seen all of (list still forthcoming). Eventually I hope to save myself from bare walls rather cheaply. But not as cheaply as I did in college where my only wall decoration was a search warrant for my computers and a list of what the police took (I got it all back so it was cheap). I’m not willing to pay more than $10 for a poster, including shipping, which really limits my options, but also saves me from blowing good money on pop wall art. Anyways my first success, a $7 (inc. shipping) Gilmore Girls Poster. The best part, it’s understated, if you don’t know what the poster is about you just don’t know, it doesn’t spell it out for you. Also, Alexis/Rory is in a really cute dress(edit: camisole, thanks :-P TimK). Now if only it we autographed like Chris’ The Departed poster.

Gilmore Girls Poster