Gilmore Girls Canceled

Its Official. Chris was kind enough to IM me the link so I’d know asap. Of course with <SPOILER> Logan asking for permission to marry Rory </SPOILER> the show couldn’t end soon enough. This was echoed by Lauhren Grahmn:

“I care very much how the story ends,” Graham said told the AP. “… It would be my worst nightmare if we end the show with a wedding. To me, the premise of the show was, ‘What if your parent was your best friend?”

The bright spots of season 7: Marty’s return, and his art girl girlfriend were few and far between. The Lane and Lorelai story lines, oh so awful. It was time to end it. But this is a big win for NBC, once Gilmore Girls is gone, Lost will be the only normal fall-winter-spring show I care about which does not air on NBC (or cable).

One Response to “Gilmore Girls Canceled”

  1. George says:

    Marty was someone that should have been with Rory. Oh well, Like mother like slut.