It’s Kirk!

No, not that Kirk, this one:
That is Sean Gunn, aka Kirk Gleason of Gilmore Girls. He is one of the many reason’s Gilmore Girls was so good, and now hes on October Road in much the same roll of providing great local color to a small town in New England. Although, this small town is not nearly as charming as Star’s Hollow. I can only hope this is a recurring role.

So October Road, is pretty much trash, you can see right through it, but it is interesting enough; it’s by no means a Gilmore Girls replacement. It had a six episode first season run last spring, that should tell you the network thought it was trash as well. Anyways, I haven’t read if its because of the writer’s strike or why on earth this for sure canceled show is back on the air, but they gave it a Thanksgiving night time slot and now its on Mondays. Anyways, if it gives Kirk a job, I’m glad its back on the air. Oh the show also gives jobs to Laura Prepon of that 70’s show fame, and Penny Johnson of Captain Skio’s wife on ST:DS9 fame, if you count that fame; I really don’t like her very much, so pretty much all riding on Kirk here.

One Response to “It’s Kirk!”

  1. Kelly says:

    He looks like he’s caught in a still frame of the chicken dance!

    But oh man, October Road, I think I saw a commercial for that show before it went on air, and the commercial made it look amazing. Then I forgot about it. But if it’s trash..

    Anyway, I still have the apparently superior Gilmore Girls to see first. :)