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Beauty and the Geek Finale

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Dave and Jasmine, the winners!
So I was not initially a fan of David and Jasmine, despite that Dave is from Somerville, MA and Jasmine is from Columbus, OH. But oh how they are deserving of the win leaps and bounds above Sam and Nicole. By no fault of Nicole’s, it just doesn’t appear that sameSam has changed at all. While she certainly is glamming it up now, its hard to tell if there is any other change. Dave and Jasmine clearly changed, and got my vote despite my initial opinion.

So from my previous posts we know that I went to high school and college with Luke, and that a guy I know from work was friends with Jesse from kindergarten through college. It has recently come to my attention that, now pay attention this is a 4 hopper: my room mate Claudia’s not quite boyfriend Nick’s room mate is in a clique with Nicole at Tufts. She hasn’t met her yet. Now I just need to find the 3, and 5 social network hops to cast members; skipping six of course because theoretically you can get anywhere with 6. Then I can feel even more way too connected, especially if its to 2 more geeks. Luckily my friends are telling me not to go on the show, I’m taking that as a good sign.

Katie and Luke: 1 Network Hop Erin & Jesse: 2 Social Network Hops Sam and Nicole: 4 Social Network Hops

Here are some interesting screen captures from the final episode, part of a montage, but they are more interesting when you slow it down.

It Looks Like Luke is Driving that Thing!
Looks like Luke is in the driver’s seat, but who is in the passenger’s seat and when was this. It looks like a fun little toy.

What does it say?
Man, I really need an HD capture card, what in the world does that shirt say, clearly it’s a joke (they laugh in a few frames), but what is it? In the montage it’s harder to tell there is text on the shirt, which is probably the effect they were going for. I can probably Google up a list of shirts that it could be, but I’m not sure that is worth my time.

Another Week, Another Reason Not to Watch Beauty & the Geek

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Erin & Jesse Spoiler Alert:
Yep, so last week Luke left, and this week Jesse is gone. So much for the last remaining people I had a vested interest in. It was a good call on the other player’s part as they were a really strong team and had an alliance with the other team up for elimination, John & Natalie.
Teams up for elimination
Once again it came down to the guys, with my guy in a 1 point deficit, which is really hard to recover from. The guys’ questions are always slow lobs right over the plate, because they are trivia from areas like fashion that really have no trivia; this does not make recovering a point any easier. At least no one spoiled this one for me.
Group Hug
Oh and the Sox won tonight, unlike last week when I had Luke going spoiled, and a Sox loss in the same night. Rough night of watching TV I know. But hey, my bike riding friends say that when the Sox were down 3-1 in ALCS games, they experienced significantly more road rage.

A Week for Losers

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

LukeWell, in the start the eventual Red Sox loss (#3 in a row) I got an IM from Josh that included a spoiler for this week’s beauty and the geek. Quit now if you don’t want to be spoiled. It was one line, all spoiler, no lead up:

Man, Luke talks then he’s gone.

I finished the game, yelling enough at Josh that he felt compelled to take up the Red Sox cause for one night only, which is a big step for him, and I post it here only so his family has evidence of his weakness and treachery. I finished the game, then settled down for a spoiled Beauty and the Geek at 1.1 time normal speed.

Oh so, I skipped last week’s Beauty and the Geek update, well it didn’t have much to do with Luke or Jesse, but it was interesting. Nicole tricked Sam into putting 2 strong competitors up against Rebbecca and Will, whom Sam wanted to keep in the game, but Nicole did not. Nicole’s trickery paid off her in the end. In other news, Nicole apparently attends Tufts, which is all of a 15 min walk away from here.

Ok so this week. There was a make over. Luke went from this:
Luke’s Usual Outfit

To this:

Luke’s New Look 1 Luke’s New Look 2

In the end, Luke and Katie got put up for elimination by Shae and Josh because, as I said at the start, Luke isn’t really in the same category as some of the other geeks like Josh; and therefore, is seen as a threat to win. Although, Katie, after a 2nd best showing in the episode 2 debate, didn’t seem as smart as she was given credit for in the teaching segment this week. Luke went home in the end because Nicole knows what Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson are famous for; that is having 2 kids and shaving her air, and lip syncing respectively. Come on, even I knew that. The real question is that with Tony, Amanda, Luke, Katie, and Hollie gone, are Jesse and Erin really enough of a reason to keep watching this pretty awful show. Maybe I’ll give it a try at 1.4 times normal speed like I used to watch family feud with the room mates. At that speed the 44 minute long show would only take 31.4 minuets. Don’t expect an update.
Goodbye Luke

Beauty & the Geek Rankings

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Beauty and the Geek actually airs on Tuesday, not Thursday as my blog would make it seem. Not much to report here, Jesse was almost eliminated, but survived. Luke was hardly in the show at all. Thats sort of a good thing, in that they will include you in the show more if you are more likely to be eliminated. I found a site, an ad laden annoying scummy site, but they are doing weekly rankings. In the first ranking Luke had the top spot, but hes slipped a little, down to number 3 and Jesse jumped to number 2, although the reasoning there is more wishful than scientific.

Chuck and Beauty and the Geek

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Chuck I watched the pilot episode of Chuck from Monday tonight. I had heard that it was going to be good, and wow was it not. I call it right now this show will be replaced mid season. This show felt like it was in the early ’90s in terms of how it portrayed computer geeks. That is a big no no if you want to attract geeks as an audience. Of course, targeting geeks at all, is a big turn off to just about every other demographic, which leaves the show with no one to watch it. Sure NBC will play some games, giving it the Heroes lead-in audience possibly (that would be a sign they desperately want to attract the geeks who like Heroes), but that won’t work because the writing is awful. They clearly do not have any geek consults at all. I will not tune in next week.

Katie and Luke I’m sure all of you who care know by now that Luke made it through the 2nd episode of Beauty and the Geek. Jesse also made it, but there was 1 Ohio casualty, and unfortunately it was not Jasmine, but Amanda (and Tony). I liked Tony and Amanda, although possibly due to editing as all things on the show are, it seemed Amanda actually cared about him. One thing that someone I talked to suspected they were controlling is wardrobe. He or she (I forgot who it was exactly) refused to believe that the geeks really dressed that way (too geeky and with absolutely zero fashion sense), saying that the show must be giving them clothes to wear. Their primary complaint was with Jesse in the first episode. While not a lock, Luke’s sporting on one of our OSU FIRST shirts in the second episode hurts that claim.

Luke Sporting His The Gun Team Shirt Amanda and Tony

The teams that won made a mistake in not picking Luke and Katie for elimination. So there are 2 events, geeks vs. geeks, and beauties vs. beauties. This means that 1 or most likely 2 teams will win these events. Each winning team gets to pick 1 team to put up for elimination. This is the first episode, so there is no past performance record to look at so you make the best decisions possible with your limited amount of information. In each event there was a clear second place team; because of Katie’s debate skills Luke and her were one such team, the other team was John the MIT guy and his girl (they did get picked). In the end the result was that a cute team who was no threat to anyone, at least initially, was eliminated, which makes the whole competition that much harder for everyone else. I can see some strategy in that, but I’m certain no such strategy was actually planned.

Beauty and My Friend the Geek

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

My friend, former FIRST Robotics teammate, and guy I never really talked to in High School, Luke is on Beauty and the Geek this season. Tonight was the first episode. I had heard that he auditioned, but I didn’t know that he had actually made the show until tonight. That probably that stems from him being sworn to secrecy by The CW, and that I moved away from Columbus. I made myself watch the show, which was difficult at times cause wow is reality TV bad, no offense Luke. Here’s to you winning that embarrassingly small $250,000 grand prize.

(Luke and Sites with the 2005 control box in the making)

A coworker mentioned at lunch that they also had a long time, high school friend on the show. He is also from the Cincinnati area, but didn’t goto high school with Luke and me, so there must be another person from Cincinnati on the show. I presumed it was one of the geeks, but I did catch that one of the beauties was from Ohio. How many freak’n people from Ohio do they have on this show? I’ll have to ask him who it is tomorrow. I’m going to try to watch Luke until he gets kicked off. Does that even happen in this show, I have no idea.

So the contestant that my coworker grew up with is Jesse. There are 4 Ohio contestants, Luke, Jesse, Amanda and Jasmine. Oh, and of course people are eliminated on a weekly basis.