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The Coakley Problem

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Compare the maps:

2008 Presidential

2009 Special Election Dem.

The Coakley problem, I think, is evident in the maps. Compare the the green, Capuano to the darkest blue Obama supporters. They are the same places, the same people. The problem is not that even Massachusetts democrats are feel abandoned, betrayed, or have been dissatisfied by Obama. The problem is that people concerned about improving government, people who want the bickering to end and the government to get things done (Obama supporters) have been left without a candidate to vote for. I think the maps make it clear, that most of the deepest blue Obama supporters wanted Capuano.

How did we not end up with him? Maybe Khazei and Pagliuca were spoilers. I know that if I was not so worried about Coakley winning, I would have gone with Khazei. Of course, that is only because Capuano is already representing me. But I don’t think Pagliuca really spoiled a lot of Capuano’s votes, so maybe this is where the disenfranchisement came into play, with a low voter turn out in the primary. At the very least, it was the primary that was a referendum on Obama, not tomorrows election.

Tomorrows election is about people choosing between a lesser of two evils. A common political problem, but one not faced by democrats in Massachusetts in an election of national importance in quite a while. Despite his general lack of appeal, John Kerry remains a loved and elected senator here. I gleefully voted for Ted Kennedy last time, and Obama saved us from a disappointing choice in 2008. Of course, Capuano is already my elected representative; how lucky that I get to vote for someone who voted against telecom immunity and stands by that vote. That gets us all the way through the decade; we are not used to bad choices. That is what all the fretting up here, which is real, is all about.

Yes it sucks. Yes you have to vote Coakley

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

How the hell did she win the primary! She is one of those Nancy Polosi types, an epitome of whats wrong with the Democratic party. Not so much a thinker as a left wing reactionary. Oh how wonderful it would be if Mike Capuano or even better Alan Khazei were our choice. But, as much as I hate to admit it, blue mass group is right:

Let’s get this out of the way. You might not want to vote for Martha Coakley. You might think she deserves what’s she’s getting after an absentee, self-satisfied campaign (why should I bail her out?). You likely want to send a message to everyone from the attorney general all the way to every Democratic official in Washington, DC. Odds are you didn’t vote for her in the primary. And, you might be wondering if it’ll make a difference who wins this Tuesday.

You got every reason to be pissed, but it needs to be clear: not voting for Coakley is the same as voting for Brown. And voting for Brown is a very, very bad thing.

I’m not sure I agree with the rest of their points in the article, but at least we agree that we have been forced to send the wrong woman to congress.

Boston and Altlanta from the Air

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I love skylines. Since getting my new camera I’ve been flying a lot, and ended up with an excellent opportunity to photograph both Boston and Atlanta. Actually, on both the lighting could have easily been better, but the sun doesn’t like to move on command. Here are the best of the shots:

Dead center is the Charles River. The river to the left in the foreground is the Mystic River. Cambridge and Somerville lie between them, with Cambridge closer to the Charles River.

The Longfellow Bridge (lower center), Charles River, the Back Bay (center), and East Cambridge (lower right)

The Zakim Bridge (lower center), and Downtown Boston, including: the State House dome, Boston Common, the Boston Garden, and the Museum of Science.



I know a lot less about Atlanta.

I Do Love My Phone

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Not having any food in the house and not feeling like spending any money I resigned to having chipotle again this week. Not so so much a resignment as a guilt; to aswauge that guilt I decided that I would walk the .75 miles. I began looking for something intersting to do with my walk. I picked up my new camera and my old bluetooth headphones to listen to music; not that I had anything new or interesting to listen to.

On my walk it hit me, the camera did not have its battery in it. Oh and I thought of something to listen to, that might be worthwhile: NPR. I waited until I got to chipotle where I could use the phone without freezing my hand, typed NPR into the market and I was listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me within a minute. I don’t normally listen to NPR, but with months of podcasts anywhere anytime, I think I’ll give it a try. Anything to be more interesting.

P.S: trying out a new blogging app too. The user comment was right, better than the brower (on the phone) for sure.