Election Something on the Way

I’ll have something to say on the election, I just don’t know quite what it is yet, something along the lines of On Being a Millennial. Also, It seems that my North Carolina prediction is on the cusp of coming true, if they ever call that darn state. But really, my prediction was that Ohio would continue to fail and that North Carolina was way around that problem. Which, is not what happened, and for that I offer big Thank You to Ohio and to all my friends and family there. Also, Indiana, I really, I just didn’t know you had it in you, you’ve blown my mind (and it was good). While I write an actual response to the election I ofter you this image, from digg, described as the “Saddest Picture You’ll See All Day:”


North Carolina has finally been called, for Obama, as predicted! Also, I was thinking, whichever Gilmore Girls writer decided to have Rory follow Obama on the campaign trail as her fictional post college job, good show.

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