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Travel as a Graph

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I have been averaging more than one trip a month since July of 2009, and it feels like a lot of travel, so I want to record some numbers about it in case I want to compare at some point. For the purposes of this accounting, a trip requires that I got on an airplane or stayed in a hotel while not in the Greater Boston Area. For the record I have not stayed in a hotel in the Greater Boston Area during the time period. Lets start with a graph:

The blue line is 1 if I was not home (away) and 0 if I was home on a given date. If i was traveling home on a day the line is a 1. The red line is 0 when I am home, 1 when I am traveling for work, and 0.5 when I am traveling for pleasure. Since the red line is on top of the blue, you can really just think of the blue as personal trips.

This tells us that I spent all of October in Boston, a fact I had forgotten. I have been averaging 1.3 trips per month divided between 0.5 personal trips per month and 0.8 work trips per month.

This has lead to a total traveling percentage of almost 32% of days. That is on any given day there is a 32% chance I’m not in Boston. I would have expected that number to be much higher, but the graph seems to agree with it. If we look only at 2010 only I’ve been gone for a slightly higher 36%, but I really feel like it’s been 50%. That’s the point of the analysis. I now know that 32% is way too high.

ROFLCon Volunteer

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I’ve signed up to Volunteer at ROFLCon again. I haven’t gotten any assignments yet, but I’m super excited after seeing the initial schedule. Sadly it overlaps with Kentucky Derby Day so I won’t be throwing a derby party this year despite that I very much want to do that again as well.


Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I might start using twitter. I signed up for an account ( I originally was planning on having it carbon copy from buzz, and facebook, but it looks like copying from facebook is impossible, which is dumb. It also looked like copying from buzz was possible, but for some reason, until today it didn’t work.

Today I began making preparations to use twitter as the source to copy to buzz and facebook instead. This is pretty standard setup that I know works, and supports open platforms. Despite that I know it works, I haven’t been able to get it to play nice with facebook yet. It was easy to make it play nice with buzz, and magically, making twitter link to buzz seems to have made my buzz to twitter link work. That’s good cause most of what I tweet/buzz/facebook post comes from Google reader. My Google reader has been interfaced with facebook for some time now.

I’ve added a little twitter app to the sidebar, which will hopefully liven up the content on the blog for anyone who regularly polls it for updates (yes you Paul) and isn’t on twitter.