Gilmore Girls Poster

So this actually came yesterday, but as Tuesdays are Gilmore Girls night, I saved it. I’ve been scouring ebay on occasion for the last year or more for some good deals on posters from the TV shows that I’ve seen all of (list still forthcoming). Eventually I hope to save myself from bare walls rather cheaply. But not as cheaply as I did in college where my only wall decoration was a search warrant for my computers and a list of what the police took (I got it all back so it was cheap). I’m not willing to pay more than $10 for a poster, including shipping, which really limits my options, but also saves me from blowing good money on pop wall art. Anyways my first success, a $7 (inc. shipping) Gilmore Girls Poster. The best part, it’s understated, if you don’t know what the poster is about you just don’t know, it doesn’t spell it out for you. Also, Alexis/Rory is in a really cute dress(edit: camisole, thanks :-P TimK). Now if only it we autographed like Chris’ The Departed poster.

Gilmore Girls Poster

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  1. Tim King says:

    I think you mean “Alexis in a cute camisole,” right? That’s not a dress she’s wearing, is it?

    But that’s interesting. The first thing I notice about this shot is not Alexis Bledel, but what Lauren Graham is wearing. The second thing I notice is: What the heck is Scott Patterson looking at? (Dirty!)