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Daylight Savings Time Rocks

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Sunset is Yet to Occur!

In addition to it still being bright out when I get home now, the roads are also less crowded, by a significant factor. Although, this clearing will likely only be temporary, until the people who left early to celebrate return to leaving at their normal time, and the people who hate DST/were confused/didn’t notice it was time to leave work yet case the sun was still up, start leaving at the correct, earlier time.

This time of year people of all sorts complain and gripe about daylight savings time in all manner of locations. Probably every forum on the internet has an off-topic gripe thread about DST right about now. Except for those were such a thread is on topic, such as the people in charge of the network time protocol and patching Linux distros with up to date DST rule sets; where I imagine the griping goes on year round. But not here, this is a thread for celebrating the arrival of daylight savings time!

Actually, I’d much rather DST not exist, and we just declare our whole country to be one time zone to the east year round. But then there wouldn’t be a time of year when people complain, which would mean no me laughing at them. Also, I’d miss out on the traffic light drive home. Small prices to pay for declaring ourselves to be in the middle of the Atlantic.

Bartley’s Burger Cottage

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Bartley’s Burger Cottage This past week’s Wednesday Night Dinner was at Bartley’s Burger Cottage, a self proclaimed and somewhat accurately so, Harvard Landmark. As you can see from the larger version of the picture, they lay claim to having the best sweet potato fries and onion rings in the country, or at least Boston (it’s somewhat ambiguous). The burgers were, as claimed, scrumptious. Aaron got The George Bush Jr Burger, which was larger than a fist, but not quite as large as a head. They have a whole menu page of politically named burgers, which is quite up to date. I had the Condleeza Rice burger. I’m sorry, but the Obama burger looked awful (had mushrooms); the Hillary Clinton burger looked worse (had mushrooms and sour cream ewww!). The walls were covered with what looked like 50+ years of trickets and junk, like an overdone Applebees, but authentic.

The onion rings, which only Martin got, seemed over breaded and way too oily leading them to become inedible beyond a certain depth. The sweet potato fires tasted exactly like sweet potatoes, and not at all like fires, though, they did appear as fries. That is not exactly what I am looking for in a sweet potato fry, but I can see why they might be considered good. We postured that they would be better with a more traditional sweet potato topping, such as butter and brown sugar, than ketchup. This lead to a rather lengthy discussion of all sorts of food combination, mostly centered around burgers. Notes were even taken, but I don’t have them, lucky for you. The highlight, I think, was severing a bugger, like the huge The George Bush Jr in a bread bowl, so as to reduce mess and maintain taste and size.

Herrell’s Ice Cream The conversation continued to Herrell’s Ice Cream, which has the novelty of being located in a former bank building, and allowing you to eat in the now aquarium themed vault. Herrell’s runs a deal (at least in the winter) that for every ice cream you buy, you get a “Herrell Dollar,” which is as good as cash there. They proceeded to complain, however, when we took the obvious tactic of spending the one “Herrell Dollar” the group had, to get another for the next person to use. If you are going to offer such a deal with such a blatantly obvious optimal strategy, you can not complain when the strategy is used. The ice cream, which had limited flavors to choose from, was the worst I’ve had from an actual ice cream shop in some time, certainly since 2005. I will not bother to go back, despite the rest of the group’s fandom of Herrell’s.

Keith Olbermann

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Here’s another Keith Olbermann video that seemed worth a watch for those interested in the last week or so’s worth of political maneuvering in the democratic primaries. He’s not as worked up about things as he was in the last video I linked to. But that’s a good thing, as a more calm collected approach is what’s usually required for news-casting. I’m beginning to respect this guy in much the same way I used to mistakenly respect Soledad O’Brien, and still much respect Brian Williams. Also, I just want to go on the record saying that Jon Stewart needs to bring back the Giant Head of Brian Williams sketch and do it more often. It’s so damn funny!