Beauty and the Geek Finale

Dave and Jasmine, the winners!
So I was not initially a fan of David and Jasmine, despite that Dave is from Somerville, MA and Jasmine is from Columbus, OH. But oh how they are deserving of the win leaps and bounds above Sam and Nicole. By no fault of Nicole’s, it just doesn’t appear that sameSam has changed at all. While she certainly is glamming it up now, its hard to tell if there is any other change. Dave and Jasmine clearly changed, and got my vote despite my initial opinion.

So from my previous posts we know that I went to high school and college with Luke, and that a guy I know from work was friends with Jesse from kindergarten through college. It has recently come to my attention that, now pay attention this is a 4 hopper: my room mate Claudia’s not quite boyfriend Nick’s room mate is in a clique with Nicole at Tufts. She hasn’t met her yet. Now I just need to find the 3, and 5 social network hops to cast members; skipping six of course because theoretically you can get anywhere with 6. Then I can feel even more way too connected, especially if its to 2 more geeks. Luckily my friends are telling me not to go on the show, I’m taking that as a good sign.

Katie and Luke: 1 Network Hop Erin & Jesse: 2 Social Network Hops Sam and Nicole: 4 Social Network Hops

Here are some interesting screen captures from the final episode, part of a montage, but they are more interesting when you slow it down.

It Looks Like Luke is Driving that Thing!
Looks like Luke is in the driver’s seat, but who is in the passenger’s seat and when was this. It looks like a fun little toy.

What does it say?
Man, I really need an HD capture card, what in the world does that shirt say, clearly it’s a joke (they laugh in a few frames), but what is it? In the montage it’s harder to tell there is text on the shirt, which is probably the effect they were going for. I can probably Google up a list of shirts that it could be, but I’m not sure that is worth my time.

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