Beauty and My Friend the Geek

My friend, former FIRST Robotics teammate, and guy I never really talked to in High School, Luke is on Beauty and the Geek this season. Tonight was the first episode. I had heard that he auditioned, but I didn’t know that he had actually made the show until tonight. That probably that stems from him being sworn to secrecy by The CW, and that I moved away from Columbus. I made myself watch the show, which was difficult at times cause wow is reality TV bad, no offense Luke. Here’s to you winning that embarrassingly small $250,000 grand prize.

(Luke and Sites with the 2005 control box in the making)

A coworker mentioned at lunch that they also had a long time, high school friend on the show. He is also from the Cincinnati area, but didn’t goto high school with Luke and me, so there must be another person from Cincinnati on the show. I presumed it was one of the geeks, but I did catch that one of the beauties was from Ohio. How many freak’n people from Ohio do they have on this show? I’ll have to ask him who it is tomorrow. I’m going to try to watch Luke until he gets kicked off. Does that even happen in this show, I have no idea.

So the contestant that my coworker grew up with is Jesse. There are 4 Ohio contestants, Luke, Jesse, Amanda and Jasmine. Oh, and of course people are eliminated on a weekly basis.

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