I Do Love My Phone

Not having any food in the house and not feeling like spending any money I resigned to having chipotle again this week. Not so so much a resignment as a guilt; to aswauge that guilt I decided that I would walk the .75 miles. I began looking for something intersting to do with my walk. I picked up my new camera and my old bluetooth headphones to listen to music; not that I had anything new or interesting to listen to.

On my walk it hit me, the camera did not have its battery in it. Oh and I thought of something to listen to, that might be worthwhile: NPR. I waited until I got to chipotle where I could use the phone without freezing my hand, typed NPR into the market and I was listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me within a minute. I don’t normally listen to NPR, but with months of podcasts anywhere anytime, I think I’ll give it a try. Anything to be more interesting.

P.S: trying out a new blogging app too. The user comment was right, better than the brower (on the phone) for sure.

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