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OSU to the National Championship Game!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

We have to play LSU at home, you’ve got to be kidding me.
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But what about me? I’m thinking probably not, as much fun as last year was, it would have to cost a lot less than it did last year before I would go. Although I should have a free plane ticket by then, and I do enjoy New Orleans.

Well, I am definitely not going since we have to play LSU. Clearly the BCS is totally flawed, but I mean really, the only reason they jumped that much is because someone doesn’t want to see a clearly better team that didn’t get the chance to play for their conference championship (namely Georgia, but also Kansas) in the title game. They vote in someone who gives the game some kind of legitmacy (LSU) so they can say that the BCS works, when in fact it does not work and they just picked two teams with good reputations to play each other. Not that I don’t think the BCS favors teams like OSU, it does, but it would favor them even more if they just lived within the system and were content with the awful match ups that would fall out of it without undue manipulation of the human component.