All Good Things…

So I watch a lot of TV, I pride myself on that just as much as I prided myself on not watching a lot of TV in high school. Anyways, one of the things I do, in addition to keeping up with up to 8 or so currently airing shows is acquire all of a canceled or 5+ season show and watch all of it in order. I’ve watched a lot of shows this way, and I just finished what I expected to be one of my favorites, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes I’m a geek, but I must say it is not nearly as good as some of the other shows of which I’ve watched all (I’m sure I’ll give you a list of those eventually). Partially, the show suffers from the fact that I’ve seen large swaths of it before, I’m even skipping the series finally because I can practically recite the plot by heart. I should have probably started this blog earlier as I did have some interesting reactions, especially to some of the shows I distinctly remember from when I was watching them as a six year old (I’ll probably sprinkle in some of those eventually too). Anyways, my other problem is that I didn’t see all of the episodes I remembered; apparently, I’ve gotten my signals mixed up and assigned shows from other star trek series to ST:TNG. For that very reason I think Arrested Development will have to wait for me to finish both ST:DS9 and ST:VOY, which will likely take me… wow a year (ST:TNG took about 7 months). Wow how do I ever expect to find a girl if I’m spending the next year watching Star Trek reruns.

4 Responses to “All Good Things…”

  1. Chris says:

    F Star Trek, Arrested Development is one of the best shows of all time.

  2. Tim King says:

    Interesting. Star Trek is a classic staple for me. I’ve seen all the original series, Next Generation, and DS9 episodes multiple times. But I never was able to get through Voyager. Much less so Enterprise.

    And I had to hang in for numerous episodes of Arrested Development before I started to “get” it. But at least I did.

    And then I noticed the ads for Tori & Dean Inn Love on Oxygen (while watching reruns of Roseanne and Mad About You). I don’t know much about the show. But gosh darn it if they don’t appear to be trying to rip off the look and feel AD. What’s with that? :-)


  3. Liryon says:

    I too had trouble with Arrested Development when a friend sat me down to watch some of season one, but when I randomly saw some of season two on TV, I realized its greatness.

    Ok, so I’ve only seen stopped frames of commercials for that oxygen show (while cutting such commercials out of Xena for archiving and watching later). It seems like its trying to rip off that reality show Nick and Jessica Simpson had more than Arrested Development.

  4. Tim King says:

    AD: Yeah. I’m up to the beginning of season 2 watching it on DVD. You’re not the only person who’s mentioned season 2 to me as when the show really took off. So I guess I should expect it to get better.

    Tori & Dean: There’s one particular ad that has the same style of cinematography, the same style of music, the same style of voice-over… as AD. I assumed it was intentional. Lately, there’s a newer ad in a way different style. I haven’t actually watched the show, though.