No More Buffy

After about six months I’ve finally fished all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am not saying that with exasperation, more pride. There is a big fat check mark next to that spot on the pop culture checklist for me now. I’m already using my Buffy fanship it to solidify two friendships! I also understand why it is such an enduring show. It has likable characters and an upbeat humor about it while also not lacking in the suspense (as Anya would say). It is not dark like a horror movie, which would surely have been the death of it.

As a postmortem I must admit that my favorite character was Anya, the former vengeance daemon who dated Zander. She was crude, direct, vengeful, greedy, and had an irrational fear of bunnies which they kept with until the end. I don’t think that I would find a real person with these qualities very enjoyable, but she was so much fun in the show. Willow maybe a close second. I much appreciate her story of a quiet girl really coming into her own, but that story was weakened significantly by the doubts she developed in the last season. So much for the strong Willow, back to the cowardly weak one from before it seemed.

I think that I will give Angel a try next. I wasn’t ever a huge fan of the show, but if I’m ever going to watch it, now is the time. Before, I leave the buffyverse behind for one of The West Wing, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Voyager, or Xena, which are all somewhere on my to watch list.

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