Herrell’s Ice Cream

Takemura I met with some of the Wednesday night dinner crowd at Takemura, before skipping out on the restaurant for the night which was Herrell’s Ice Cream. You see, the group went to Takemura, a sushi and other Japanese fair restaurant in the basement of a building near Harvard Square, on April 4th 2006; so, clearly, that is not the restaurant for tonight. If it were, that would mean we went to the same place twice. The pre-Wednesday-night-dinner snack I had was pretty good, just some steak tips in a yummy teriyaki sauce with rice, which is exactly what I had in mind last night when I voted for it over some pizza/sub place. But that place got a lot of support, so we’re going there next week.

On another note, you know its Christmas time when you can’t walk within a hundred meters of a super market (@ porter square on the way to the T) without thinking for a moment that you are at a train crossing due to the incessant bell ringing of the salvation army.

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