A Win Win Situation

Chipotle Sign Well I could mean the Red Sox, up 2-0 games in the world series, but in this case I mean Chipotle. A week ago a new Chipotle opened in Boston, and this one is even closer to my place, a 0.6 mile ~10 min walk from my place instead of a ~10 min drive. The win win situation is that now I can work off some of my burrito walking to get it and back, saving me gas (therefore money) and calories. The location is quaint on the outside and small and busy on the inside, see pictures. It is definitely not a good place for groups larger than 4 unless you Intend to carry out, or eat outside. Its a damn shame they don’t deliver, because the iLab guys at my place essentially don’t eat at places that don’t deliver.

Grand Opening Quaint Outside Small Inside

There are about a million burrito places in Boston, and it seems like all of them have a store within walking distance of Davis Square, where the new Chipotle is located. So they will be facing some stiff competition, especially from the closest one Anna’s Taqueria, which offers smaller burritos for roughly 2/3 the cost, but half the quality. Chipotle, being new, has had a lot of draw this past week from what I can tell. Two of my room mates went and tired it independently of me. The question is, will college students here go for the quality burritos at Chipotle or the cheap ones at entrenched local favorite Anna’s. People here swear by Anna’s, but now that they don’t have to drive to Medford to get something better hopefully they will see what they have been missing.

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