Sriram’s Birthday

Addis Red Sea So, I’m a little late here, I’ve been busy, and then lazy. Last Thursday was my room mate Srirams’ birthday and one of his friends organized a celebration dinner at Addis Red Sea, an Ethiopian restaurant, in Cambridge. This was the second time I’ve been to an Ethiopian restaurant. The first was with Paul and his friend Kate at OSU. North of the OSU campus on High St. was a hole slew of ethnic restaurants and the Ethiopian one is the only one I ever went too, and that only happened because Paul and I let Kate pick the place. Given recent love affair with Indian food I should totally have tired more of them. Anyways, this experience taught me that Ethiopian food a very communal thing. Everyone eats from the same central dish, and spongy bread is used as both plate an utensils. Addis was much the same, but I was surprised to see a whopping $7 “plate” charge for sharing an entree. Mind you, there are not plates, just spongy bread. I know its Cambridge, but to me it just flew in the face of what little I know of Ethiopian dinning. The service wasn’t very good, it took over an hour for us to get our appetizers, and then another half hour for the main course. Granted, there were maybe 11 or 12 of us, and each of us ordered an entree (to avoid the plate charge and increase variety), but that is a long time. The food was pretty good, but not worth that kind of wait.

Claudia and Sriram playing tennis with Tad watching The long dinner cut into playing with Srirams’ new toy afterwards. His new toy is a Nintendo Wii. He managed to find a split second when had them in stock and swooped on right up with free Amazon Prime shipping that got it to our house in < 24 hours. He only has the games Wii Sports and Wii Play for now, but everyone in the house is eying new games to get. I am eying Mario Cart Double Dash, which is a game cube game, but the wii will play it if you have all the old game cube controllers and memory cards to use (which I don't). I've been trying to locate a not outrageously expensive way to get this stuff, the hardest part being finding 4 of the wireless controllers. Luckily, I think we'll be satisfied with Wii Sports for a while. Everyone loves tennis, but I alone seem to be enjoying baseball.

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