Congradulations Kim Clijsters

Congradulations to Kim Clijsters for making women’s tennis interesting again. Finally, there is once again a woman playing tennis who is not named Williams when it comes time to hand out trophies. Not that Clisters is newbie, but hey anything that prevents Williams vs. Williams matches is welcomed.

I would have watched, but for some reason the U.S. Open Finals were not on broadcast television and not on basic cable, but on some channel no one gets, WTF?! That is almost as bad as there not being a single College Football game on broadcast television last Saturday night! But hey, one problem at a time.

3 Responses to “Congradulations Kim Clijsters”

  1. Chris says:

    What!? I made a comment that apparently didn’t get moderated. It was about how female tennis is not exciting but that Henin’s return will change that.

    Also, the women’s final was aired, I watched it. Are you sure you had the right day/time? It was delayed due to rain.

  2. Liryon says:

    Links require moderation, done now. Well, I looked it up in the interactive guide and it was on a channel I didn’t get. I did see the mens final at a bar. Congratulations to that guy too. I mean I’m a solid Federer fan, but I’m more a fan of keeping things interesting and now that Federer’s got 15, him winning isn’t always the most interesting.