The Guild

Over this past weekend I found a wonderful new web show via Internet Superstar on Revision 3, the only other web show that I periodically watch. On my first visit in a few months, I saw they highlighted an episode with Falica Day, whom most people know from Dr. Horrible. Anyways, I keep not writing a post about The Guild, because every time I goto the site I end up watching more episodes. Actually, I’m just watching the episodes from season 1 over and over again, as I’m saving starting season two for some reason.

The guild is an independently produced and financed short web series about a guild that plays something very similar to, but not actually called World of Warcraft, and it is hilarious even to an outsider like me. Although, I have had to bone up on some lingo including QQ more and PUG. <asside>Gee thanks to all the urban dictionary users who wrote that PUG is a dog, if I wanted to know that I’d have checked a normal dictionary.</asside>

It seems for season two that they have found some sponsorship and so individuals can no longer donate directly, which is a shame. I don’t really want/need the show on DVD or a T-Shirt, but I haven’t found another way to contribute. Contrary to Saddleback ski resort, I think everyone should check out The Guild.

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