Steve from the DNC

I just had a nice short chat with Steve from the DNC. He said, ” we are going to win in November by running the largest grassroots campaign we’ve ever seen.” Upon hearing that I smiled, which, he commented, was not a Republican Smile. I told him that it indeed was not and that it sounded like a good idea. He then went on to hand me a clipboard with one name on it. Clearly it was to sign up to give money and time to the DNC. I managed to get out without signing my name to it, without much trouble. I probably would have at the time, but it now occurs to me that I’m glad I didn’t just in case the DNC makes the fatal mistake of going with Hillary. I certainly wouldn’t make a very good volunteer for her campaign. Anyways, he was really nice. He told me a short anecdote about how someone in Roslindale used the presence of an American flag on his property to imply that he didn’t want to talk to Steve. I told him that our little flag, which prompted the story, didn’t mean that and that we were a house of recently college graduated committed democrats.

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