Dream Recounting

I’ve been having this recurring dream recently. If you know me, you know that any dream I can remember when waking is a rarity. I don’t, however, read much meaning into them. In this dream I am a high level assistant to a bumbling United States Senator. I’m a lawyer type who does his best to keep the senator in line and from looking like a fool. I’ve had this dream twice, with the second one being an extension of the first chronologically, not a repletion. While dreaming I remembered that in the first dream I was unable to discover the senator’s name, and so I made a point to find out this time. I succeeded, and it was a good name that now escapes my thoughts (and has done so all day). I remember that it was a man’s name befitting a senator.

Nearly all of the dream takes place in this grand, classroom sized, wood paneled, room outside of the Senate chambers. It has long dark wooden tables befitting a room of such a location at which myself and and an associate of mine, who shares my task, are the only ones seated. The senator or his other, more lowly aids rush in and out of the room and ask our advice, which is always sound. The advice is an abstraction, I give it, but I am not aware of what topics it is on, only that everyone bends to my word. Even the senator does not protest. Amazingly enough this position of power does not help me get laid, although this is not a prominent aspect of the dream. It’s quite enjoyable when I’m having it, but in retrospect it seems pretty lame. It is difficult to control due to the constant interruptions of people needing advice. This sort of resets anything I try to do. If I have it again I’m going to try to have some more fun, see if I can walk around a bit.

One Response to “Dream Recounting”

  1. Chris says:

    Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts? The first game, very first thing that is said in the opening cinema: “I’ve been having these wierd thoughts lately…like is any of this for real…or not.” Your first sentence reminded me of that.