A Night for Great Customer Service

On Sunday I got a phone call, not all too common of an occurrence. I was at Amber and Aarrons’ place (of WND fame) to play some party games and it was Jed, who said he might join us, so I answered. I flipped open my phone, and much to my surprise the screen was black. It worked just fine, Jed said he’d be there in an hour or so. I fiddled with it some more that night and today, and nothing just black screens, unless I shone a bright light on it, then the faintest glimmer of menus and calendars. My backlight was broken.

So I went to the Verizon Store in Everett today after work, and after waiting for traffic to calm down. As usual when going to deal with customer service, I was ready to get stern if need be, and loaded up my arsenal of acceptable resolutions and reasons why they should fix my phone for me for free. Much too my surprise I didn’t need any of that, they took the phone and told me to come back in 30 minutes.

So I went to grab dinner at Chipotle. Upon receiving a Chipotle gift card for valentines day from my loving mother I realized that I now had 4 Chipotle gift cards of unknown values in my wallet. On my recent trip to Las Vegas for work I started to use them, and so tonight I continued. First with one, $5.76 remaining, then another $4.30 remaining then a third, which covered it. The cashier was impressed, and in her thick accent, she thanked me for being a “Chipotle Lover” and gave me a free bag of chips + salsa. I can’t complain about that. Maybe I should go to the old Everett Chipotle over the new, closer Davis one more often.

After finishing my dinner I went back and the Verzion tech’s had replaced my phone. That makes this the third Maxx Ve I’ve had, and I have to do the seem edits all over again. But it was free, and they transfered all my contacts and such. Anyways I’m pretty happy with my customer service tonight.

2 Responses to “A Night for Great Customer Service”

  1. Chris says:

    I had to have my Razr replaced a few weeks back. Since doing so, my battery life has gone to hell. I unplug it right before leaving for work and its on its death bed when I am driving home. Thats without using it all day! Also, what were you in Vegas for? I know it was for work but what exactly did you do there? Did you win/lose big while you werent working? VEGAS IS THE SHIT!!!

  2. Liryon says:

    Oh man, that sucks. I’ll have to watch out for that. Although, from my previous issues with this phone (this is my 3rd Maxx Ve in 6 months), I have 2 extra batteries lying around, one brand new. Its probably not the same battery, but we can check if you want. Maybe they’ll give you a new battery if you go back and complain I thought I saw my repair receipt saying something about 30 day return something or other.