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I feel a bit like the title and tone of my last post, was more downtrodden on Hillary than the facts supported. Clearly, in such a lopsided congressional vote, her presence was not missed, and at least some of her supporters to look upon telecom immunity unfavorably. But this last week has been one of the most important battles for civil liberties of the decade, and she wasn’t to be bothered.

The House has recessed for the weekend, well looks like they are off until Feb. 25th. They left having called Bush’s bluff. The Protect America Act will expire tomorrow, for the good of the country, because the house did not cave they did not pass a bad law. They in fact did nothing when the only alternative was to do a bad thing. If you don’t agree with me yet, or if you just want to see a television pundit get all worked up about this issue you should check out Keith Olbermann’s “scathing rebuke of President Bush.” Just like my local peers and the Obama campaign, I’ve not seen any television pundit ever get so energized before in my life.

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    YAY! BTW, thanks for keeping me up to date with political stuff that I care about.