Blizzard 2013

On Wednesday night one of my ski buddies suggested we should leave Thursday night after work because Boston was supposed to get a lot of snow on Friday. As Thursday evening arrived, the rest of the group seemed to come to the same conclusion, so we left town. About 3 (of 4) hours into the drive I finally got word via e-mail that my work would be closed due to the blizzard on Friday. I’d predicted this was going to happen, but I was prepared to spend a vacation day if it didn’t. In Vermont at the house we’d gotten ~2 inches when we woke up at 7am on Friday morning. We decided that we probably couldn’t make it to/from the mountain, even for a half day of skiing since our cars are not equipped with snow tires or all wheel drive. We spent the day playing Dominion and Settlers of Catan. We did ski on Saturday and Sunday. The conditions were pretty good on the runs that had a base of man made snow, but the runs without that base still had alternating ice and plants sticking up through the powder.

Since I wasn’t here, I don’t have a lot of great pictures of the snow, but since some of you, Aunt Kathy, have been asking, here are the some of the best shots from the people who do, the Universal Hub blog.

My one regret from not being in Boston for the storm is that I really do wish I could have skied Beacon Hill.

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