I’m just sitting around listening to music. I’ve got a post I’ve been working on about the HD-DVD format war, but I don’t feel like working on it so I’m just going to write for a bit.

I spent Sunday watching some football and tennis in HD on my tv for the first time. Sports are good to watch in HD since you have to watch the commercials anyways because who cares about timeshifted sports, and currently I can’t do HD with the mythbox. One can’t routinely get the Red Sox games in HD without paying more for cable so I haven’t done this much despite watching more sporting events this summer than probably in my entire previous life. I was caught up by the new iPod Nano commercials.

What is that song! well its 1234 by Fiest, who is, of course, a female Canadian singer. At this point I’m not surprised, the fact that she’s another Canadian goes a long way towards explaining why I like. I seem to have this almost unnatural affinity for female Canadian singers, what else could explain why I just can’t stop listening to Avril. Due to Avril and Chantal Kreviazuk’s recent spat I learned that she too is Canadian. I’m sure there are more Canadians lurking in my music collection. Anyways I must have listened to 1234 100 times today at work. Still not tired of it.

It kicked off my listening tonight, which was doing a surprisingly good job of matching my disappointed with a touch of lonely and going to do something about it mood. The songs were

  1. Fiest – 1234
  2. Baech Boys – Feel Flows
  3. A Dawson’s Creek Instrumental
  4. Goo Goo Dolls – Flat Top
  5. Aladdin – One Jump Ahead
  6. Judy Collins – Amazing Grace
  7. Offsping – The Kids Aren’t Alright
  8. Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight

So, it was on the Frank Sinatra song that I went wow, these are matching up pretty good. Apparently I was completely oblivious to The Kids Aren’t Alright and Amazing Grace, and random was pretty random, it was just my perceptions that were not. In conclusion the music apparently was never much in mood, its certainly stopped being so now.

I don’t know why I thought this would be interesting. I guess it was more interesting the first time it went through my mind before I realized that I could be free writing it all. Then I went back and wrote the previous thoughts because once I started writing the present thoughts seemed unworthy. I guess I’m done till I come up with something more worthy.

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