Verizon + Android Finally

Maybe I will take Verizon up on their frequent calls and emails informing me that I am eligible for a new phone upgrade “within a matter of weeks” when they finally “will be launching two Android handsets,” Android handsets being the technical term for a damn phone worth owning! It’ll be exciting to both have coverage and have a cool phone, and it only took 4-5 years of waiting.

Got one! Blogging from it!

8 Responses to “Verizon + Android Finally”

  1. enyalios says:

    This seriously happens 1 week after my phone dies and I have to buy a new one!?!

  2. Liryon says:

    Well, they aren’t available yet. But isn’t there a 30 day satisfaction/return policy, maybe if they are out in time, you can return your new one because you are unsatisfied with how much it sucks compared to the new android ones.

  3. Josh says:

    Neat – now all I need is to download the SDK and brush up on my java. (Boo java)

  4. Chris says:

    I am considering getting one of these but it probably wouldn’t be until February when I believe I am able to upgrade. It looks sweet.

  5. enyalios says:

    It was officially announced that the Motorola Droid in coming out November 6th. I returned my new phone on exactly day 30 of owning it for a full refund. Mwa ha ha!

  6. Liryon says:

    Nice job Paul! I can’t wait for mine, but I feel no need to pre-order it through Best Buy.

  7. enyalios says:

    No droid blog post yet?

  8. Liryon says:

    This doesn’t count? I’ll get to a real one at some point.