Dad’s Stroke

For those of you who have not already heard, about the same time as I was packing up from my Memorial Weekend camping trip, my dad suffered a stroke. Luckily, it was of the less serious variety, which unfortunetly still seems pretty serious. I found out after I was home from the camping trip. He and my mom were both at home and she was thankfully able to respond quickly. After a two day stay at the hospital it was confirmed that he was not in any short term risk of having another one; good news.

He has been home now for a few weeks resting up and getting a first hand course in how the mind works. He was especially proud, on the first day home, to remember both mine, and my mom’s names, but he couldn’t get his own until given a hint. These day’s hes doing much better than that. He started driving again recently and was working on multiplication tables.

He seems in good spirits every time I talk to him, which has been a lot more as of late. He is expected to be back to his old self in about six weeks, which is just about how long we have until our annual family trip to the Outter Banks this year. I can’t wait for that trip now, more than ever. I should probablly buy some plane tickets.

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