Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Whoops, I forgot to update for nearly a month. If there was anything interesting I did in May, I’ve clearly forgotten about it, but at the end of May Mary, Sparky, Whitney, Jake, Michael and I went camping in New Hampshire.

It was not an especially interesting place to go camping, but we found some things to do.

  • With the significant aid from Whitney and Jake I participated in my first geocach.
  • Near the geocache was possibly the most dangerous brand new half finished park I’ve ever seen. It featured Mario like bouncers, a short plastic rock climbing wall, monkey bars too tall for children, a plastic rolling log, and a multi-directional seesaw near shards of wood including upward pointing nails.
  • Went hiking to a lake that featured 3 strange drawbridge like wooden structures that went from the shore to nowhere and served no apparent purpose beyond an overly complicated dock.
  • We went star gazing. There were enough stars that it was difficult to discern the common constellations, but I was disappointed that the milky way was not visible.

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