New Glasses

I resolved my lost glasses problem today. I got my new prescription from the optomistrist. Surprise, it’s the same as it was two years ago. At least I didn’t pay for them to tell me that directly, but this is totally part of the health care spending problem in this country. If I want a pair of lenses with certain focal lengths, I should be able to get them without wasting money on a doctor. Anyways, I spent more than I expected, but I like them better than my old ones so at least there’s a win. Here they are in black, but mine are silver.
Mine are in silver, not black
Of course, with a broken camera, I can only show you the stock photo. But it is pretty accurate.The last picture of my old pair (I think) They are very similar to my old pair, in that they are silver, have a rim only at the top, and are squarish rather than round. The main difference is that the lenses are smaller and more rectangular. They still aren’t the tiny little rectangles that are in style these days, but they’re smaller. Mary, who I brought along to provide her expert opinion, suggested that my old ones were too big, so at least we solved that problem. Although, these were her second choice, her first choice were even smaller, and I just couldn’t deal.

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