2009 Utah Ski Trip

That's some deep powderFinally, time to write about the ski trip. Here is the quick story I’ve already told pretty much everyone:

The trip was excellent. It snowed maybe 10 inches the first day we were there, with some more the previous night. This, however, didn’t cause us any trouble with our flights. So the first day was cold, windy, and snow. But we were determined to ski anyways, and it wasn’t so bad. All the snow did make for excellent fresh power for the next two days, which were both clear and cold. On the fourth day it warmed up a bit to above 40, at least at the bottom of the mountain. Also, there may well have been places where we could find untracked powder on the fourth day, but I was far to tired to venture beyond the groomed stuff.

PaulSome extra tidbits and details:

  • We went to Snowbasin and Powder Mountain as per usual.
  • My bed was a nest constructed of two identical couches.
  • There was satellite Internet that stopped working about 12 hours into the trip due to 20 second power outage. Eventually we were told the router needed 15 minutes to reset – WTF?
  • I much prefer lunch at the base of snowbasin, which features stir-fry, to the top which features meat and potatoes.
  • Powder Mountain totally failed at lunch by tuning their cafeteria style lunch hall into an order and then have your name called system, which is far less efficient. But I think the food was better, mmmm sweet-potato-fries.

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