The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers

After months of uncharacteristically not seeing any movies in theaters In the past two weeks I saw both The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers, this is a late review. Lets start with Bourne because I saw that one first, on opening night, in the cheap, quaint, and nearby Somerville theater, which had surprisingly good movies playing for once. Usually they have a bunch of crap that caters to the frat boy demographic, but not that night. The other movies there were the Simpson’s movie, Knocked Up (both of which I still need to see) and No Reservations, which I haven’t really heard of. Anyways the Wednesday before seeing Ultimatum I watched Supremacy for the first time, and well that just showed exactly how little I remembered from Identity; so, I watched that on Thursday. I thought it was a big help in understanding the third one, and would recommend rematching them before seeing the new one. Although the fun action will keep you entertained anyways. I was a big fan of how they used the Julia Stiles character, and I especially liked the hair dying scene as a parallel or foil to the first movie.

I finally saw Transformers yesterday down at the Fenway theater with Post after we were the only two people who showed up to play games. I can’t add much to the discourse on this one it was really entertaining. Afterwards I decided I’d take advantage of the no sales tax weekend and get some new shoes, so I used my new phone and found some stores in the back bay, but of course I didn’t find anything there in my price range. Well I guess thats all for now, I’ve been slowly getting less busy so maybe I’ll fill in the gaps a bit in the coming weeks.

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