That’s a nice looking car.

My 2007 Honda Civic I was at The Best Gas Station in all of Massachusetts! today; filling up just 4 days short making it one month on a single tank (~480 miles!), when a stranger complimented me on my ’07 Honda Civic Hybrid. I parked in slightly the wrong place, so when I opened my door it hit the little pillar, not hard, and not enough to leave a mark. I immediately checked which may have tipped off the stranger on the other side of the pump that I care about the car and try to take care of it well. Much more so than my previous car, and I thought I was trying to take care of it as well, although my dad may disagree — I’m going to call it, good practice. Anyways the exchange went like this:

Stranger: “What kind of car is that?”
Me: “Its a Civic… its an ’07.”
Stranger: “The civic used to be such a plain car. That is a nice looking car.”
Me: “Thanks!”

It made me happy, although maybe not my day because of the computer purchase decision. In any case it was nice and unexpected.

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