I am completely spell bound by the story that ends the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I still have two episodes left, yet I’ve watch the last 3 unable or unwilling to take my attention away. The plots have converged wonderfully, even the remnants of the awful fourth season have found a way to do their part. They have shown that they are willing to go beyond the killing of the Star Trek red shirt analogs; they are willing to go beyond the episodic and harm long time characters. This is normally, not something I like, but it being done so well. It is successfully adding to the suspense.

I was not disappointed. It is so surprising to see a show have its best plot after it has previously gone down hill. Television quality is rarely bimodal.
And now for some details that make things so great. First, the best thing is that the only mention of Riley is in passing when detailing the litany of bad things that have occurred. This is how it should be, his one and a half season stint should have only lasted one episode. Spike’s transformation to trusted ally is complete. Buffy has been amazing at returning old characters back to the show in new roles, and this is possibly the best one yet. Although, I do love Anya, so. This above all else is what makes the show so solid, it feels like a real, whole world. Willow’s powers have grown so much; it is exciting to see what she can do. The addition of Buffy’s sister at the start of the season, what seemed like a jump the shark (although i hear the term is Nuking the fridge now) was later explained in a less than satisfactory manner, but has become so central that it must have been done. Best of all, there was actually an episode that setup the possibility for that kind of thing to happen. And, there was a episode before that one, on which it stood. Let know one say that they didn’t build their basis up well. Best of all, Buffy and the scooby gang might just loose this time! I’m hooked, I’m off to watch the rest of the season.

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