I Can Has Case Study

The second in a continuing series of ROFLCon Panel Videos posts, next up is the Cat Macros Panel, I Can Has Case Study.

Ryan Iverson and Arija Weddle (LOLSecretz) & Alexis Ohanian (Reddit)

The stand out performance, for me, on this panel was Arija Weddle, of LOL Secrets. Mostly this was because she is damn cute. That said, I do have a weakness for eastern European girls. However, she didn’t explain her site well enough for the uninitiated, namely me. That prize goes to LOL Trek, but then he had it a little easier to start off with.

These are the highlights of the video, for me, painstakingly transcribed:

Alexis Ohanian: What is it about cats? What makes them so LOLable?”
Cheez:Its multifaceted, they’re really cute but also can be devilish at the same time.

Cheez: [Then there is this] linguistical side, which is actually very fascinating because it is a reflection of whats happening on the internet in terms of abbreviations and self expression. Because you can’t vocalize things you have to tonealize in visual format. So how do you do that with characters?

Female Attendee: So did you only make the one LOLTrek?
Stephen Granade: yes
Female Attendee: Could you please make more? Because I really want to see Jean Luc Picard!
Other Panelist: Would Jean Luc speak LOL?
Stephen Granade: That’s a good question. That’s part of the reason why I never did another – because I thought I’d used a lot of the meta jokes, like Spock speaking in regular language. That I didn’t know what to do again, but that’s a good question, would Picard speak LOL, would he speak French LOL?”

No word yet on the LOLTrek site about a TNG episode :-(

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