Did You Know?

I ran across two things that i thought would fit into this category today.

  1. My bank was robbed today for the second time in as many years. Just a few minuets before I drove past it on my way home today. That is not a very good track record. The previous time was last May, and I think I was out of town at the time. Looks like they never caught the guy, so it could easily be the same one. No one was hurt in either robbery, and no worries thats what the FDIC is for, right?
  2. That Martian Luther King day “is observed on the third yesterday of January,” this according to the Metro Boston. I know I make a lot of mistakes with my writing on the blog, but that’s just it. Its a blog, I am not a professional. I run across professional writers who make the same mistakes or worse than mine almost every day. Although this is the most egregious one I’ve seen in print (as opposed to online) in quite some time. See for yourself (highlighting added):

    Third Yesterday

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