Pescatore Seafood

Pescatore Seafood Pescatore Seafood is a tiny new place in Ball Square. It specializes in Italian Seafood, which probably the most common specialization in the Boston area, ensuring that there is plenty of competition to go around. The big draw here seems to be that the most expensive thing on the menu is ~$15; although, the average bill came out to ~$21, higher than I expected. The place seats about 2.5 people in the front, but there is unmarked back door with seating for maybe 18 people, of which our group constituted 11. I got, much to the not surprise of those who know me, some sort of seafood pasta. It wasn’t up to the quality in the North End, but it sure beat Out of the Blue and Basta Pasta in my book. There were some complains over some squash ravioli, and the fisherman’s platter was piled about 5 inches high with fired sea creatures, which turned out be a little much, but that is hardly a complaint. If this place gets popular, it won’t be worth the huge line that will result due to its size, but its certainly better than the Camberville alternatives I’ve tired.

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