Blogging from the Doorstep

In my first real time blog I am here to tell you that on my street it is very hard to give away candy on Halloween. There is just no one here, now 1 block away there is a street, that when I walked through it at 7pm was packed with hundreds of little kids. But 1 block away almost nothing.

I dressed up as a guy wearing tinfoil, I mean Chiptole Burrito, and got my free one with a not-longer-than-normal-length line, which would never happen in Ohio. The line would be ~2 hours at every Chipotle in the state. I ran down there, at least partway, tonight, to burn off even more of my 2 consecutive burrito for dinner days. I also had to buy tin foil and candy on my way down there, hence the rush. Ok its like 8:15 and there haven’t been any kids since 8 so I’m going to pack up shop, silly kids not getting free candy.

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