A while back, my college room mate Chris informed me that in June of 2011 his registration and hosting of, the longtime home of my blog would lapse, and that he would not renew the domain. I pretty much could not complain, after all, 3+ years of free hosting is a pretty good deal. But here it is, June all of a sudden and I had to move. I’ve moved in with another good friend of mine, who already had some space lying around. Although, this time I am paying my fair share, whatever that amounts to. Much thanks to Sparky.

The move also caused me to get on the ball and finally lock up the domain name, which I have desired since 2002, but didn’t register until today. By my count, waiting these 9 years while allowing anyone and everyone else in the world ample opportunity to snap up my desired host name has saved me $89.55. I’m not sure if that was worth the risk, but whatever, I like to live dangerously. Anyways, be sure to update your links, bookmarks, rss feeds, ect…

5 Responses to “”

  1. Dad says:

    The old one still seems to be there too. Will it eventually fade away?

  2. Liryon says:

    Yes, I belieive it will go away once the subscription runs out. I was told that will be sometime this month, until then it will be up to redirect people to the new location, but any new posts will only appear here.

  3. Dad says:

    I have been checking, and was unreachable today [19July2011]. I’m pretty sure it was still on yesterday.

  4. Liryon says:

    Yes, Chris eventually informed me July 18th would be the last day, and offered to help me move, but I had already moved by then.

  5. Dad says:

    It would seem that you are no longer getting your money’s worth since shifting to the new site. You must have found an alternate communication protocol. -Dad