Don’t Blame Massachusetts

We sent a 10 out of 10 democrat delegation to the U.S. House today! Way to go M.A. If only more people lived, here then we could have done more to help. Trust me, I am doing my part, I have 4 room mates in a 4 bedroom house (plus me).

This is proof that:

  • We still love Obama.
  • Only Martha Coakley could have lost to Scott Brown.
  • Mike Capuano (my representative) still rocks! No one even had the balls to run against him in this year of “change.”

So, I don’t want to hear any whining when nothing gets done for the next 2 years. On the plus side Nancy Pelosi is out; if only she could be replaced by someone reasonable, and not John Bohner who’s just as damn fucking crazy as she is. Oh I wish every day was a rally4sanity.

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