Targeted Advertisement Fail

Although 85% of teens experiance some from of acne it doesn't have to be a rite of passage for your teen.

How many people with teen-aged children do they think there are on Ok Cupid?

Certainly there are people with children on the site. Overwhelmingly these children are toddlers from the random sample of profiles I’ve come across. Note, that is not a statistically random sample at all, but still the number can not be that high. Plus, I was logged in; the site knows for sure that I don’t have any children, let alone teen-aged children. Now, acne could be something people using online dating sites in general might worry about, but I think I would use a different angle to target that audience. Maybe this ad was just not tagged correctly and the software is fine, but in any case, showing me that add is a fail.

One Response to “Targeted Advertisement Fail”

  1. Dad says:

    I saw the same ad on CNNMoney, so I would suggest that they just ran it – they made no effort to “target” it in any manner.