Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock is probably my favorite beer, which says a lot considering I am not a huge fan of beer in general. It is not a great beer, but it is easy to drink without cringing, which is a tough test to pass with me. It was the best part about all that traveling to New Mexico. It is a Texas brew, and I was introduced to it when I lived in Austin in the summer of 2006. As Sam Adams is to Boston so Shiner Bock is to Austin, with the exception that Shiner is not brewed in Austin. Of course, most Sam isn’t either so its not a big difference. I mean to say that it is the default beer in Austin, and everywhere has it on tap. The same can be said for the non-chain non-portifino restaurants in Roswell and Alamogordo. On each of my first two trips back from Roswell I brought home a six pack. On my last trip I brought home two six packs in my checked luggage. In all 24 bottles, and only 1 broke in transit. Sadly the pictured bottle is the last one. Shiner Bock is sold in 41 states, but none of them are in New England, so the supply will not be replenished soon. Although, I may spend part of July back out there again, the beer is the only reason to look forward to that, and remember I don’t really like beer.

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