June is Done

Boston fog

I was reminded by the woot podcast song today that today is July 1st and that means that June is over. But somehow it is still raining in Boston! It has literally been raining for the entire month of June, and somehow I, and everyone else thought that July 1 would be like the second coming of the sun and our collective depression over a summer wasted would be relived. I can’t find an updated article, but just last week it was reported that the so far June 2009 was the least second least sunny June recorded in Boston since 1885. Only 32% of the daily possible sunshine actually reached the ground for the month. The lowest record was in 1903 with 25% and the highest was in 1971 with 77%. Average is apparently 55%. All of that and more can be found in the fancy chart on the Boston.com story.

It seems like bad form to complain about the weather, especially to dedicate an entire post to it, but this is seriously a 100 year lack of sun event! Anyways now that it’s July and its not sunny I feel totally justified. That said, I just picked up some cheap Red Sox tickets for Friday from someone who apparently decided they didn’t want to bother going it if was expected to rain, which it is. Although, these days 30% chance of thunderstorms is starting to mean the sunniest day of the week.

This just in: Also from the Boston Globe, How to Build an Ark in five steps.

Updated stats:from the Boston Metro on the lack of sunshine. Who said that rag wasn’t good for anything. Also from the Metro, how it is making us feel. I certainly think that “reading and writing about the bad weather” should be added to their list of things people are doing after this much rain that don’t help a darn bit. At least the Globe ended their bit with a rainbow, even if it is a painted rainbow hanging in Cooperstown.

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